Healthy hair with Hask products

This post is Powered by BrandBacker but all opinions are my own.  Good looking hair is healthy hair. If your hair is looking limp, frizzled, or otherwise unhealthy, you might want to reconsider your hair care regime. Personally I have a lot of hair and I flat iron it at least 2 times a week, so for

Age Goals with Simply Venom…

Sponsored post, all content and opinions are my own. I am not an expert on skin care, but I love to try different products that will make my skin feel and look better. Many People start using products that control wrinkles appearance  when they’re in their 40s. This is the time when these unsightly signs

Long cardigan vest…

Cardigan is always comfy, cozy and statement-making. The long vest is still very popular this year. Most of people wear them with pants or leggings. Don’t think that long vests can only be worn with shinnies. They are great with a shorter dress or skirt as well. The skirt could be both a-line or straight.

Celebrando el día de San Valentin…

Es muy lindo que exista un día especifico del amor y de la amistad, no solo por que así lo celebramos a lo grande y se lo dedicamos a las personas especiales que tenemos a nuestro lado, sino también por que muchos de nosotros podemos tomarnos el tiempo de pensar y analizar quienes son tus

Romwe Spring Sale!

Yes, the Spring sale is coming and you have to take advantage of it. If you are like me that is waiting for the warm weather, so you can rock your dresses, your short tops and all the amazing colors. This Romwe sale is perfect for you. If you are still cold and are looking

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