Guilt free happy hours at last with Michelob ULTRA


Michelob ULTRA wants you to live a fit and motivated life while still having fun. So to help you stay active and accomplish your health and fitness goals this year Michelob ULTRA has teamed up with some awesome partners to give away some really cool prizes. 


Ever since I started my very disciplined workout routine I have done everything to to make sure I stay on point with my diet.  I like to live an active lifestyle, I am the type of person who gets antsy if I am sitting around too long.  My typical weeks consist of weight lifting by 6 AM about five days out of the week with an aerobics class or two thrown in there for good measure. 
Even with so much calorie burning going on, when I would go to happy hour with the girls I felt too guilty drinking all those empty calories.  I have fun, don’t get me wrong, but that little voice inside me telling me that I’m going to ruin my workouts gets annoying.  Which is why Michelob Ultra’s 95 calorie and 2.6 grams of carbs is perfect for someone like me!  I can have fun, relax, and drink without worrying about getting bloated or screwing up my healthy diet. It’s perfectly smooth, not heavy at all, goes down easy and it is thoroughly refreshing, exactly what someone with my active lifestyle needs.  They say “weekends are made for Michelob,” but I’m here to tell you that happy hours are too!  So where are we meeting up this week? 😉

They’re giving away a total of 95,000 fitness experiences now through May 5th, 2018. That’s 95,000 prizes! I won an experience on my second try! How sweet is that? Some of the Michelob ULTRA® 95K Fitness Experiences instant-win prizes include:

  • A ClassPass Trial Membership
  • A Prizes
  • CrossFit Classes
  • Solace NYC Classes
  • And more…
Enter now at to win instantly! Applicants must be 21+

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