Protein Packed Snack to Fuel Your Day

    We all know what it’s like to deal with that mid-afternoon slump. If only you just had the perfect snack to tide you over, right? Well, whether you’re looking to stave off your kids’ after-school hunger, or on a quest for your own energy-boosting pick-me-up to get you through the rest of the

My New Winter Look with Neutrogena®

  My skin during Winter time gets really dry, not only the lack of sleep, the cold weather and the high amount of time that I exercise are factors that made it even dryer, but also the lack of water that I drink during the day. That is why I am so thankful for Neutrogena,

Animal print coat…

Leopard print is a classic and comes in and out of fashion every few seasons like clockwork. However on this Winter season it sort of came to stay and it is definitely a must have! A leopard coat might seem like a big statement, and it is, but it’s also surprisingly versatile and the perfect

Healthy mind, healthy life…

This is a Recap of my year fun workouts…. A healthy mind is priceless Back when I was in middle school I used to have a friend whose older sister would go out and jog if she was ever stressed out.  She would literally drop what she was doing, change into her sweats and run

Perfect makeup for the holiday season!

This Holiday Season is the perfect time to be thankful, happy, peaceful and of course to look great and feel amazing! The ornament-red lips and glittery-snowflake eyes pair just as perfectly with a casual but elegant outfit! We all want to look good on Christmas Eve and also to receive the new year all pretty

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